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The Implications of the McMaster Administration’s Shaky Start

The Implications of the McMaster Administration’s Shaky Start

The Implications of the McMaster Administration’s Shaky Start

Governor McMaster’s shaky start as the leader of the Palmetto state has many experts and insiders thinking differently about the 2018 race for governor. In addition, some see the early failures of both the McMaster and Trump administrations as the possible catalyst for a Democratic surprise next year.

Many thought the ascension of McMaster to the governorship earlier this year would end any chance of a competitive gubernatorial election next year. However, with notable questionable decisions and positions on some of SC’s most important challenges like fixing our crumbling infrastructure, state pension plan, and the chaos within the SC Department of Public Safety things are off to a rocky start for the Governor. McMasters mediocre track record (thus far) coupled with recent insensitive and outdated comments like those reported here, are giving rise to the idea that the gubernatorial race next year may be a highly competitive contest, beginning with a challenging Primary and possibly competitive General Election.

The GOP Primary

The earliest indication of a contentious and competitive GOP Primary Race can be found by analysis of the April financial filings. The filings showed Charleston attorney, Catherine Templeton banking a surprising and formidable $700,000 in donations and McMaster raising over $960,000. See Filings Here

Governor McMaster’s questionable decisions as the lead executive of the state have led critics to remark that he has chosen politics and re-election over leadership and making sound decisions for betterment of the state. We believe that the people will always respect honest leadership over political antics and posturing…they see straight through this.

The Democrats Opportunity in November 2018

In a state dominated by Republican leadership in all three branches of government, surprisingly it has been democrats in the General Assembly that have become the voice of practical thinking for South Carolinians no matter which the party affiliation. Statehouse leaders like Todd Rutherford, Gilda Cobb-Hunter, Mandy Powers Norrell, James Smith, and Russell Ott in House of Representatives and Gerald Malloy, John Scott, Marlon Kimpson, and Thomas McElveen in the SC Senate, have led in thinking outside-of-the-box and offering policy changes that have the possibility of truly transforming South Carolina. These lawmakers have proven they can reach across party lines and speak frankly on issues facing South Carolina, with a South Carolina first approach absent of national political rhetoric. Ironically it is Democratic leadership that have introduced legislation that would fundamentally change the impact of state government through issues like legalizing luxury casinos to bring new and much needed revenue to state coffers without raising taxes, allowing medical cannabis to be used for SC’s patients which would also create new jobs and revenue for the state, focusing on renewable energy options which would again lead to thousands of new jobs, and expanding healthcare options…you guessed it, bringing in thousands of new, high paying jobs to every region of the state.

Seriously people, it is actually South Carolina Dems who have led on capitalistic principles, limiting government, and bringing new jobs to South Carolina. Think about it!

We will continue to monitor this race which we expect to only heat up this summer.