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Spartanburg Democrats Head to Runoff for District 31

Spartanburg Democrats Head to Runoff for District 31

Spartanburg Democrats Head to Runoff for District 31

P.I. covered the full slate of democratic candidates in the District 31 race to replace Representative Harold Mitchell in our post seen here. The special election primary held on Tuesday, July 26th did not conclude with one candidate to represent the party, but instead triggered a runoff. There were 4 Democrats competing for the seat, Mo Abusaft and Angela Geter — the political newcomers, and Rosalyn Henderson Myers and Jerome Rice Jr. — city council members.

With a total of 1,549 votes cast,  Henderson Myers and Abusaft will continue on to a runoff. Henderson Myers earned 607 votes (39.2%) and Abusaft trailed with 506 votes (32.7%)

Geter and Rice garnered 377 votes (24.4%) and 59 votes (3.8%), respectively.

With barely 100 votes separating Henderson Myers and Abusaft, the two Spartanburg lawyers, it seems the runoff scheduled for August 8th will be a “battle of the best turnout ”–who can get the most voters to return to the polls? Both Henderson Myers and Abusaft present a similar agenda emphasizing improving affordable housing and education, but it may prove to be an uphill battle for Abusaft to secure enough votes to change the tides of the election.

Republicans elected Michael Fowler who won handily in his race against Richard Gosnell (for the second time) securing 74.5% of the vote. However, we’re not sure how much of a statement that makes when you consider only 47 Republicans even bothered to vote in the election.

Fowler’s political career includes one unsuccessful mayoral run and a loss to Representative Mitchell in 2016 in which he earned less than 25% of the vote and raised only $500 dollars for the effort.

The special election for South Carolina’s House District 31 will take place on September 26th.

P.I. will keep you updated on this race and the other special elections scheduled to take place across the state.